/Euro Working Group
on Retail Operations

Awards of the
EURO Working Group in Retail Operations

Operations management in retailing emerged as a substantial area of research in recent years. There are several drivers of this advent. Retailing is a significant sector of the economy in which changes in markets, firms, processes and products occur rapidly. The retail industry has been a thought leader in the development and design of advanced operations concepts and processes since the 1990s. Firms like Amazon, Zara or Walmart developed operational innovations which have been adopted also in other industries. In the last decade, e-commerce and omni-channel retailing, technological advances and the rise of big data have changed retail practice, operational requirements and the competitive landscape. Retail operations have unique elements, such as multi-channel operations, assortment planning, shelf-space allocation, store execution that are different from issues faced by other players in the supply chain.

Following the growing size, impact, and scope of the EWG-RO, we would like to introduce a proposal for establishing different awards. The awards should recognize the outstanding contribution to the field of retail operations. We will establish different awards that will be presented at the annual meeting.

It will include:

1. Best Poster Presentation Award
2. Best Plenary Presentation Award
3. Retail Operations Doctoral Dissertation Prize
4. European Lifetime Award in Retail Operations

The first to prizes will be award at the annual EWG meetings. The nomination and application procedure of the doctoral dissertation and lifetime award is specified in the documents attached.